What Dream smp member are you? (It'll be innacurate sorry!)

Hello! I did this for fun because I was bored! Don't let a test decide your personality!!! You are all loved and valid <3 Stay safe and wear your mask!!

I have to put at least 150 characters for each paragraph for each thing (I forgot the name thing) so yeah I'll keep doing this and writing wrandom stuff until this is 150 characters!

Created by: Lemon Kid

  1. Do You Like Building?
  2. Who is your favoure charachter (This will NOT affect your score)
  3. What is your favourite ship (Don't question why)
  4. Where are you from? (I couldn't remember them all sorry!)
  5. Which do you put first?
  6. Who do you kin?
  7. Do you sleep?
  8. What is your hogwarts house?
  9. Favourite song?
  10. Favourite Minecraft Block?
  11. Favourite Quote?
  12. Do you curse?
  13. Do you like Gender Roles? (I personally don't)
  14. Favourite Duo/Trio?
  15. Do you think Corolins mom/mum is kinda... (Please don't question it)
  16. Do you love your family?
  17. Do you like orphans?
  18. Favourite Wilbur Song?
  19. What is your favourite minecraft disc
  20. Do you play an instrument?
  21. Last Question!!!!! Favourite genre of music

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Quiz topic: What Dream smp member am I? (It'll be innacurate sorry!)