What Dream SMP member are you?

Hey guys and gals! Dudes and dudetts, welcome toooo, Which Dream smp member are you! If you haven't watched the Dream SMP, I sugest you do that first. All these characters are not mine, in fact, they are people with YouTube chanells, so go check them out!

In this multi part quite, you will learn which smp person you are, please enjoy! Now, quick disclaimer, this is not finished, but will be soon. Now please go and enjoy.

Created by: Dawn.

  1. What Dream smp member do you hope to get?
  2. If you saw a lonely child, what would you do?
  3. What is your favorite Dream SMP quote?
  4. Now, sorry this was short. Let's leave the rest to fate!!!
  5. Hiiii I have to add more questions so sike! Not over!!
  6. Jshclatt?
  7. Murder
  8. Go look at Wattpad.com and read a story by my friend about the dream smp. It is called "Accidentally." It is a love story about Tubbo.
  9. Have you ever beat a child?
  10. Finally over!

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Quiz topic: What Dream SMP member am I?