What Dog Breed Are You?

This is a dog eat dog world, and you have to survive by being a top dog! Though, it could be a lazy dog's life, too.. Sitting by a cozy fire, dreaming of a hunt. Maybe just the life of a lap dog!

There are many dogs, and I've chosen only a few of them as your choices.. But who will YOU turn out to be? Dogs can be loyal, smart, aggressive, and many more. How will you turn out? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Aht
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  1. How Loyal Do You Think You Are?
  2. Are You Active?
  3. You Want To Travel Somewhere... Where Do You Go?
  4. What Do You Find Most Appealing Out Of This Menu?
  5. How Strong Do You Think You Are?
  6. What Design Would You Have On Your Collar Or Leash?
  7. What Is Your Personality Like?
  8. Almost Done -- How'd You Like It?
  9. All Done! Anxious To See What Kind Of Dog You Are?
  10. One More Thing -- What Markings Would You Have If YOU Were A Dog?

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Quiz topic: What Dog Breed am I?