What Divergent faction would you be in?

You may be left wondering after the divergent book, (or movie) are you Smart as an Erudite, Selfless as an Abnegation, Kind as an Amnity, Brave as a Dauntless, or Honest as a Candor...

This quiz is here to tell you, so have a go, you might be surprised, you might not but this is what it's here for... So this has to be one-fifty characters so random babbling...

Created by: Godsof_olympus
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  1. If you witnessed a murder and your best friend was responsible, would you:
  2. Your bag full of you possessions is stolen, do you:
  3. You see a homeless person on the street, do you:
  4. It's the night before an exam, you've barely studied, do you:
  5. Someone steals your crisps at lunch, do you:
  6. Your friend has a big secret but not telling could endanger them, do you:
  7. You see your friends bullying someone, do you:
  8. There is a fire on your ship, you are in the engine room, do you:
  9. You are in an exam, you are stuck on a question, do you:
  10. A member of your family has been murdered, do you:

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