What Cartoon Character Are You?

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Hello, I'm Salma. Today i'm going to show you "What Cartoon Character Are You?" Just by answering some simple questions I'm going to be able to guess what cartoon character are you.

This quiz is just for fun and it's not meant to Offend Anyone. Please Enjoy :) and don't forget to share the results down bellow and challenge your friends to come and see what cartoon character are they too!

Created by: Salma

  1. Are you lazy?
  2. Do you like going on adventures?
  3. Do you think kids are annoying?
  4. Are you Tall or Short?
  5. Are you a Girl or a Boy?
  6. Do you have any Siblings?
  7. Are you a Tomboy or a Girly girl?
  8. Is your hair Tall or Short?
  9. Do you see yourself Attractive or Unattractive?
  10. Do you see yourself Popular?

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Quiz topic: What Cartoon Character am I?