What breed of unicorn are you?

Hi! Today you will find out what breed of unicorn you are.First, we will ask you to answer some questions,then you will get your results!after that,you can ask your friends and family to take the quiz!

Unicorns are a mythical animal but very pretty. Many little girls believe in them,so this quiz is going out to them!Make sure to have lots of fun finding out your unicorn!

Created by: LilyAnn

  1. What’s your spirit?
  2. My friends would describe me as......
  3. Are you afraid to fight for family?
  4. Are you shy or brave?
  5. Do you like the sun or the moon?
  6. Do you like mermaids?
  7. If you were a Pegasus, where would you first go?
  8. My favorite thing about unicorns is...
  9. Did you like the quiz??
  10. Byeeeeeee!!

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Quiz topic: What breed of unicorn am I?