What brand of chew are you?

There are a lot of avid chewers out there, but i was curios as to what types of chew are the most popular and which are most liked and which are hated.

Are you an avid dipper? are you a tough chewer or do you just do it for the taste? Do you have the chew ring in your back pocket, or do you try to hide it from your parents at home.

Created by: zach

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  1. Do you go for a buzz or just the taste when you chew? or maybe to look cool?
  2. Do you buy your chew for the cost or taste?
  3. Do you like having to wash the flakes out after you take out your dip?
  4. Do you like the smell of vanilla?
  5. Do you get a headache when you smell chew?
  6. Do your friends chew?
  7. do you chew in school or at work?
  8. Do you live in a small town with a mini mart?
  9. Are you an experienced chewer?
  10. Do you spit or gut it?

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Quiz topic: What brand of chew am I?