What animal are you?

Have you ever wondered what animal you are most like? Well here's your chance to find out! Have fun taking this fun and totally free quiz! Hope you get the animal you want!

Do you ask yourself, "If I were an animal which would I be?" Well stop wondering and take this fun, accurate, and free test! There are many animal choices and I hope you get the one you want!

Created by: Taylor
  1. Are you really athletic?
  2. do you like to climb up trees/walls
  3. do you bully those who are smaller than you?
  4. Are you good at pulling pranks?
  5. In your free time do you...
  6. do your friends consider you funny?
  7. how many friends do you have?
  8. which is your favorite fruit out of the following?
  9. Which grade do you usually get on your report card?
  10. If you could use any of the following words to describe yourself would it be...
  11. Are you a dare devil?

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Quiz topic: What animal am I?