Warrior Cats story of love

So this is a quiz about warrior cats, and some of you might think that it’s a bit gross, I’m fine with that. There are 3 Tom cats that love you! Which one will you choose? Take this quiz and find out! Have fun!

This quiz will NOT have part 2 I apologize. The toms that are waiting for you are Nettleclaw, a tabby Tom with green eyes, Flameclaw, a dark ginger Tom with amber eyes, and Leaftail, a white tom with gray spots and mint-green eyes. Which one will you fall for?

Created by: Catherine

  1. Your name is Frostwish and you are a white cat with beautiful green eyes! You wake up with 3 cats sleeping beside you, Leaftail, Flameclaw and Nettleclaw. Who do you wake first?
  2. No matter who you chose, they all wake up. You go on a hunting patrol together. You suggest to split up, and you chose to partner up with
  3. You go hunting with whatever cat you chose and caught a few mice and voles. You come back to camp and you see that one of the queens had kits! You
  4. When you are about to go on a walk into the forest, Nettleclaw asks to come with you. You take him. When you arrive to your favourite spot, he comes close to you and licks you hard, and rubs his head around your belly. You
  5. You hiss and back off but he grabs you by the scruff and pulls you toward him. He then licks you again and pulls you under him and pushes you down. He licks you near the end of your belly and pushes harder, you
  6. You get closer and he pushes you to the ground and lays down on you. You push into him more and more until you’re tired, you say
  7. You hiss and leave and go back to the camp to eat and see Leaftail. And he offers to eat with you, you
  8. The next day you wake up and feel something weird. You
  9. You find out that you are carrying Nettleclaw’s kits! You
  10. Then you when you have Nettleclaw’s kits, you name them Rainkit, Windkit, and Mintkit then you
  11. This is the end! Did you like the quiz?

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