True Patriots Fan

Are you a fan of the Patriots whether they are good or bad, or just a bandwagon who followed the dynasty led by Tom Brady since 2002 after your old team lost its glory. Come find out.

So are you someone who just jumped on a Brady bandwagon, or a die-hard Pats fan that will still support them after the retirement of the legendary quarterback.

Created by: Doesn't matter

  1. What round and pick was Tom Brady in 2000?
  2. What year did the Patriots go 16-0 in the regular season?
  3. As of 2016, when was the last time the Patriots didn't win the AFC East title?
  4. What was the first year the Patriots played in a Super Bowl?
  5. What two records did Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss set?
  6. Who performed the halftime show in the Patriots first super bowl VICTORY?
  7. How long was the game winning field goal by Adam Vinateri to give the Patriots their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history?
  8. At the end of Super Bowl 49, Malcom Butler intercepted a pass to win the game that was intended for Ricardo Quantaye Lockette, who wore what number?
  9. What four teams have the Patriots beat in the Super Bowl as of their 2015 Super Bowl victory?
  10. What team has dealt Tom Brady his only two Super Bowl losses, as of the week before the Patriots take on the Falcons in Super Bowl 51?
  11. What Super Bowl record did the Patriots and Panthers set in Super Bowl 38?
  12. Who is the only Patriot to win Super Bowl MVP besides Tom Brady?

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