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*ahem* REEEAAADD MEEEEEEEEE I haven't made a decent quiz in a LONG TIME, so here you go! Hopefully you will enjoy this quiz, and if you are reading this, why thank you!

It's very nice when people ACTUALLY read these paragraphs, considering that they're very troublesome to write. Anywho, thank you, polite GTQian. You may move along now.

Created by: SprinkledSpice

  1. No salty or no sweet?
  2. Blue or red?
  3. Not type for a year or not speak for a month?
  4. ? or !
  5. Gold or silver?
  6. Egg white or egg yolk?
  7. :D or XD?
  8. Bro or bruh?
  9. Sea, sky or land?
  10. This or That?
  11. Dogs or cats?
  12. Yes or no?
  13. Day or Night?
  14. Hi, hello, or hey?
  15. Deaf or blind?
  16. Black or white?
  17. Girly girl or tomboy?
  18. Extrovert or introvert?
  19. CAPS or lowercase?
  20. Rate or comment?

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