Think You Know FOB Lyrics...?

I. LOVE. FALL OUT BOY. I was really bored, so I decided to make another one of those "How well do you know this band's songs?" kinda quizzes... I know there are a lot of them, and quite a few for this particular band... oh well.

Regardless of that, I still hope you enjoy this quiz! I didn't choose too many of their more obscure songs, so a lot of them should be pretty familiar with, even if you're not a super fan.

Created by: KMac
  1. "I've got ________ thoughts, and the ________ to match. What a(n) _______."
  2. "Erase myself and ______, starting over again in _________. These friends, they don't love you! They just love the ___________ now."
  3. "One _____, yeah and one more time. Thanks for the ______ even though they weren't so _____."
  4. "I am a(n) ________, fitting you with ______ in the form of ______."
  5. "She says she no good with _______ but I'm worse, barely stuttering out a(n) ______ of a(n) ______ stuck to my tongue."
  6. "Strike us up like _______, 'cause everyone deserves the _________."
  7. "I'm a(n) _________, sweating in the ________."
  8. "Am I more than you _________ for yet? I've been trying to ______ you anything you wanna _________"
  9. "Where is your ______ tonight, I hope he is _________."
  10. "I'm just a(n) _____ in your ______, but you're just a line in a ______."
  11. "They say the captain goes down with the _____. So when _______ ends, will _______ go down with it?"
  12. "Say a _____ but let the __________ roll, in case god _____ show."

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