The Dog Quiz And How Much U Know

if you take this quiz and get 100% you are a true ginus. most people think that there are a guinus but a true few people are. You are a true ginus means you know alot about things

I hope you like this quiz please do this quiz we spent 1 hours doing this.and that takes alot of our time. i hope you enjoy this quiz. we are looking foword to seeing your resalt

Created by: Bob Hessey
  1. What was the dogs first relitive
  2. Whats the biggest dog in the world?
  3. What is the group small of dogs
  4. What coulor is the chow chows tounge
  5. Whitch dog has spots
  6. What is the smallest dog in the world
  7. How long does it take to train a Greater swiss mountain dog
  8. how many percentiges of dogs are in the pound
  9. what is the hardest dog to train
  10. what is the best dog to pull a sled

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