The chicken quiz! Only for people who know my chickens.

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OK, you may have pets of your own, maybe a dog or cat, fish or rabbit, but do you have chickens? If you do, have you taken the time to train them and teach them tricks?

Do you really love your chickens as much as I do? All of my chickens love being picked up and definitely do NOT run or even walk away from me. And have you ever studied your chicken carefully enough to know that one of them has 'kind eyes'? Well, I have.

Created by: Chloe12

  1. Which of my chickens is the "kind eyed" chicken?
  2. Which chicken gets jealous when I pick another chicken up?
  3. Who is the tamest chicken?
  4. Who is the weirdest chicken?
  5. "So what? I'm still a ....!" Who is the chicken that fills in the gap?
  6. Who can catch food in the air and jump the highest without using her wings?
  7. Who is the biggest out of the bantams?
  8. Which one of the shed chickens died 2nd?
  9. Who has five toes?
  10. Who was famous for chasing a seagull round the garden (not THE Gully)
  11. Who is the £6 chicken?
  12. Which set of chickens frequently flies on the windowsill?
  13. Which chicken has the "weak" personality?
  14. Who says hello by pecking your hand gently?
  15. Who was the first chicken to have a heart problem?
  16. Who wouldn't eat pellets?
  17. Who loved semolina?
  18. How old is Cockyrel?

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