Sonic characters as Pokemon

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Created by: KrazyGirl765

  1. Read the even stupider blurb than last time.
  2. Okay, good. ONWARD!!!!
  3. Sonic is Manectric. Because they're both REALLY fast. Fine, that's one of the only reasons.
  4. Tails is Buisel, because they both have two tails and they're both yellow/orange.
  5. Knuckles is Hitmonchan. Hitmonchan is legit called the Punching Pokemon, so I thought it would be pretty suitable.
  6. Amy is Skitty. Because she's annoying and pink.
  7. Shadow is Umbreon. I don't know why. Ha, I'm an idiot.
  8. Silver is not a psychic type, because like I stated before, I'm an idiot. Silver is Pichu, because they're both adorable.
  9. Blaze is Pyroar. A female one, duh. Pyroar is a fire type, it's like a lion, which is a cat, and it's called the Royal Pokemon. Blaze is technically a princess, so yay.
  10. Tangle is Aipom, because of the tail. Seriously.
  11. Whisper is Whismur. Whismur is the only Pokemon I thought would work, even though there's like a thousand Pokemon ever.
  12. Cream is Buneary. I thought an unevolved bunny-looking Pokemon would be the best, and Buneary is a lot cuter than Bunnelby.
  13. Rouge is Diancie. I was originally gonna do a bat kind of thing for Rouge, but the jewel thing with Diancie changed my mind.
  14. Jet is Oricorio, specifically the yellow one. Because he's annoying.
  15. Wave is also Oricorio. The purple one this time because unlike Jet she actually takes this seriously.
  16. Storm is also Oricorio, but the pink one because I feel that Storm likes the color pink for some reason, also I thought it would be funny if all the Babylon Rogues were different Oricorios.
  17. Espio is Greninja, because he's a ninja.
  18. Charmy is Beedrill. Fine, the only reason I chose Beedrill at all is because it was a bee. I'm dumb lol.
  19. Vector is Krokorok. I am running out of ideas so sue me. I have no idea why but I also think that Vector is massively annoying.
  20. These quizzes are exausting! Anyway, thats all I gots, BOI!!!

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