So you think you know everything about [HOA]?

[HOA] is a clan over a year old. Becoming a member is a privilage and honor not many have had the honor of doing so. But only a select few will pass the [HOA] Quiz. Do you have what it takes?

Do you think you know everything about [HOA]? Have you spent more time reading the forums than actually playing Halo??Do you think you are the ultimate [HOA]Member, take this quiz and find out.

Created by: [HOA]Paul

  1. Who started [HOA]?
  2. Who won the first Clan Woot Award?
  3. Which one of these [HOA] members lives in America?
  4. Who wrote the FHOA FAQ?
  5. Who won the first [HOA] sig contest?
  6. Put the leaders of [HOA] is chronological order.
  7. What color do Moderators appear on the forum?
  8. Who won the Ewok-Penguin-Jackalope War?
  9. Which one of these clan members are NOT related
  10. Who got the 1,000 post in the topic "Let's see how high we can count"
  11. Who is not a member of [HOA]?

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