Should you post that Instagram picture?

Have you ever taken a picture and youre thinking of posting it, but then you doubt yourself and the picture you were going to post? If this is your dilemma right now then take this quiz!

This quiz will give you a percentage score, the higher the score, the more likely you should post that picture! Hopefully this will help you and help decide if this picture is really the right one.

Created by: Izzy

  1. Ok, so most importantly: do you love the picture?
  2. Secondly, is it inappropriate in any way?
  3. Have you been told to post it by anyone?
  4. Does it go with the rest of your Instagram feed?
  5. When was the last time you posted an Instagram picture?
  6. What time is it right now where you are?
  7. What type of picture is it?
  8. Why do you like the picture youre thinking of posting?
  9. Why are you thinking of not posting it?
  10. After this, do you think you are going to post it?

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Quiz topic: Should I post that Instagram picture?