should you be a animal jam member

there is many stuff for members only there is lets see pink sofa laptop computer lions dens....more like that poop right i'm a non member just so ya know

should you be a member do u have membership anyways good luck you are gonna need it i'm serious baby you will need it got may mate i like to speak that way

Created by: miss berry rose

  1. what is your favorite animal on animal jam
  2. do u have pets on animal jam don't lie
  3. are u like popular on animal jam
  4. do u have free chat
  5. what is your user
  6. do u no me my user
  7. so i ran out of questions kay
  8. would u rather play darts or animal jam
  9. are u a member is so why are u taking this quiz
  10. u like aj
  11. will u rate
  12. comment
  13. bye
  14. who is your fave person on aj ?????????????

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Quiz topic: Should I be a animal jam member