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  • "36. Karnival"
  • City Escape
    "Lol, thanks. Took me a while to actually get to making the thread but I did :p"
  • Venting Thread
    "Yeah, I do. It's just been a while since I've been in the Lounge so I decided it was a good time to make an Official Thread, though I was de..."
  • "31. Gintama 32. K-ON!!"
  • "(Sonic Tails Lf/Life btw) 23. Dr. Stone (Not sure if you can call it much of "Underrated" but anyway--) 24. The Great Pre"
  • Venting Thread
    "I still use the "Sonic Tails Lf" account, that's my main one and the "SonicTHedgehog" account is one of my alt, or secondary accounts, along..."
  • Venting Thread
    "Or maybe listening to yelling Bakugou will help Me: *Puts Earbuds in* Bakugou: *Yelling in my ear* Me: Yeh, I'm enjoying d"
  • Venting Thread
    "I feel sad...maybe I should watch a video of Sonic, Tails, Silver, Gumball, and Chat Noir. Their great comfort characters"
  • Venting Thread
    "I NEED POCKY AND TACOS! (Man, I'm random...)"
  • Venting Thread
    "My family left to buy some shoes so I'm here, I'm just gonna make some music and sing, plus, be stupid, XD"
  • Venting Thread
    "I probably going to have some Ice Cream and hope for the best of tomorrow....."
  • Venting Thread
    "I actually like to tell myself how bad I am cause I'm being smart to see that I'm nothing and deserve to be hated"
  • Venting Thread
    "If anyone wants to know what flaws and imperfection are, just look at me and ya see it"
  • Venting Thread
    "Maybe my lack of sleep is making me feel stressed out too...Idk, I don't know anything, but how to mess things up and be worthless..."
  • Venting Thread
    "At least I don't have school till later in the day tomorrow to let me sleep since I always lack sleep (Although it's strange how I can only ..."

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