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  • My Alts <3
  • "Whatever do you need you foolish ghost? June: BE NICE, THATS MY SON YOU'RE TALKING TO &gt;:("
  • Brycen
    "*locks Cinna in orphanage* *locks Brycen in an orphanage in Ghost Kingdom*"
  • So now I'm this
    ""Y'know, I wonder what we would do if one of us dies." Yui said out of the blue."
  • Brycen
    "*sticks Brycen back in the orphanage*"
  • Tat
    ""There's a hotel here about a few miles away, I'll take you there and we can see if that is the hotel you were talking about." the cop said...."
  • Brycen
    "*sticks all of June's children in an orphanage* :)"
  • June Roses
    ""I love you more." she said."
  • Anybody Wanna RP?
    ""Where is that idiot? I'll kill him." Turner growled. (Well autocorrect has decided to cuss. ;w;)"
  • Anybody Wanna RP?
    ""Where is that b------? I'll kill him.""
  • Brycen
    "Cause I'm evil :P"
  • 1x1
    ""Well you were somewhat different at the store. I guess I thought I had to repay you for something." she said."
  • Brycen
    "Oh I forgot to mention I made sure that June wouldn't come back :)"
    ""No! I already said I had to put my things somewhere safe." he said."
  • Brycen
    "*cuts off June's head*"

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