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  • are you my type (guys or gals)
    [published: Aug 24, 2015]

    well do you wanna know if you is my type if u is then try it out ye because i is bisexual so i…

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  • ;3 Oooo, look.
    "Oh. I thought you were looking at the first post of this thread."
  • ;3 Oooo, look.
    "No it isn't, dumb---. LOOK."
  • Heph's thread
    "To go to where? :D"
  • hayyy
    "daddy ;)"
    "ewww =n= cries sHUT APPPP"
  • hayyy
  • So empty...
    "what are u? 5 look at ur fooling proof pic u damn roach"
  • "u are s--- u lamo ugh flips luscious hair"
  • "ahut up kirby jiggly puff i dun trace I is perfwct i got 2 meet famous artest cuz I am that gifted"
  • So empty...
    "i is 18 ans put 2 go 2 harverd becuz I am tat smart n brillant k? ew califronia? big blund bithses there, u prob sissy mate"
  • Going trick-or-treating.
    "wanna continue on what you were saying in your thread that talk"
  • So empty...
    "oh yah big guel? let's braul fr then k i come frm australia rich parents long hair nice bod highlights and got a pack mate u "
  • Going trick-or-treating.
    "happy birthday? (this is my troll account)"
  • So empty...
    "u better listen 2 me and listem 2 me to do, okay? i just am a newb tat is an expert at boxing and just okat yes okay feel mah awesomeness......"
  • So empty...

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