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  • I'm new :p
  • Criminal Minds
    "its sooooo good though, im on the 12th season rn"
  • Hey guys!!
    "sade was one of my best friends too, and goldie just did soaps for the most part"
  • Sometimes
    "ayo jesse"
  • Hey guys!!
    "I remember a couple people like sade, shadow (jesse), goldie"
  • Hey guys!!
    "I remember your name, but not much else, I have a really bad memory lol"
  • Hey guys!!
    "omg wait I do remember you, I lost my old account"
  • esmie's thread <3
    "I know I don't know you but I can't leave someone in need alone, I've had the same thoughts, the same feelings, but I realized that even whe..."
  • where yall at
  • where yall at
    "omg hi!"
  • where yall at
    "Awhh I miss them, but i'm glad they're doing well"
  • Jamming to megalovania
  • where yall at
    "@Le1F do you know what happened to sade?"
  • where yall at
    "I hate having the newbie tag &gt;:/"
  • where yall at
    "it got so annoying but it was worth it"

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