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  • Are You a Katy Perry Fan?!?
    [published: Feb 15, 2014]

    Ok so some peoples care and some don't about katy I hope you do because shes awesome but if you……

  • could you be katy perry's BFF?!?
    [published: Feb 15, 2014]

    would katy be YOUR friend? i know you wanna know... she might think you are creepy or mean……

  • does katy perry love you?!?
    [published: Feb 15, 2014]

    you seem to luuuuvs my katy maybe you do cuz she awesome like roar i kised a girl california……

  • katy perry ultimate fan quiz
    [published: Feb 14, 2014, 1 comment]

    you sem to luuuuvs my kat maybe you do cuz she awesome like roar i kised a girl california……

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  • "My favorite song is I kissed a girl"
  • katy
    "kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaty peeeeeeeeeeeeerry"
  • "katykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykatykaty..."
  • "taylor is like ok but if taylor said she loved me id be like "um k your ok" but if katy said she loved me i wold scream and hug her and like..."
  • Justin Bieber
    "justin super cray i hate him"
  • katy
  • "justin CRAAAAY no offense to peple who like him"
  • katy
    "who is username?"
  • katy
    "ok here is an important post' I LUV KATAYYYY"
  • parodies
    "but i kissed a girl is the most beutiful song in the world i dont get why people wanna change it but oh well i'll just pretend i never saw t..."
  • parodies
    "oh my gosh that is INSULTING i kissed a girl is my favorite song thats the only song that i hate when people "
  • katy
    "omggggg i heard the song i kissed a girl at my schoooooool"
  • katy
    "oh i wrote a new song its parady its called kittyfornia gurls its about cats in california"
  • parodies
    "kittyfornia gurls u probably know what thats a parady of lol p.s. i wrote it"
  • katy
    "i sang california gurls last week"

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