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  • The big dance night!
    [published: Feb 5, 2016]

    I have no idea how you can do this to be the best of the best way for the next two years of my life and you…

  • What dance moms girl is for you
    [published: Jan 29, 2016]

    Have you seen the TV show Dance Moms? If you have, this quiz detirmans who you like in Dance…

  • The gymnastics test!
    [published: Jan 15, 2016, 1 comment]

    Are you smart or clever? Take this quiz to find out! You might not feel that it is the time to take the…

  • What dance is for you?
    [published: Jan 4, 2016, 2 comments]

    There are lots of clever people in this world, but are you 1 of them. Well at least do you think you are?…

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