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  • "Alright."
  • "Hello"
  • important
    "Nelly I know right , I think he thinks because onc ethe plans complete everything bad will be undone or some s--- like that XD)"
  • What the hell...
    "So the guy Thought it was justified to handcuff him?! That's just terrible.( sorry if I'm over reacting.)"
  • Plateau
    "" Yeah of course it's ok " She said beofre pushing the door open and waving to two girls sitting on the sofas talking " Hi jean , Hi Wanda "..."
  • What the hell...
    "What did the poor kid even do!"
  • Plateau
    "" It's fine when I first got here I had no clue how to get back to my dorm " she laughed slightly " so do you want to go inside?" She asked...."
  • Plateau
    "" The jocks are those who focused their magic on becoming stronger faster and things likes that instead of keeping it at a high peek , It's ..."
  • Care's friend thread
    "Hi care."
  • Plateau
    "Artemis led the girl to the entrance of the school and to a pair of large double doors " This is the library " she smiled " Where the non jo..."
  • Plateau
    "" Well I usually start at the library if that would work " Artemis contemplated pushing her hair back over her ears. ( my pos"
  • giving away account
    "Well that didn't hurt my feelings at all cherry what am I not good enough to be Dappleheart. ( kidding kidding I don't actual"
  • Plateau
    "" Sure , just make sure to observe the surroundings to you don't have to get more help later " she laughed before beginning to walk of " So ..."
  • Plateau
    "" I might know what I was " Artemis said under her breath " Yeah hopefully , do you need any help finding your way around campus?" She asked..."
  • Plateau
    "" Well here you can make some,I know I did " Artemis said with a smile and a shrug , Then she heard a twig snap from a tree but when she loo..."

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