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  • I think I'm pregnant
    "You ^ hope? What??"
  • I am Ironman.
    "Fe: Iron Male:Man. Therefore, I am Ironman. Your argument is invalid. :) I know this joke has been going around but............."
  • "Nacho Libre."
    "Twilight isn't gay, but it as dumb as dumb can get. I HATE that movie! And the movies didn't ruin the book, the book ruined the book! And sh..."
  • "Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, but Jennifer Lawrence is an extremely close second to Helena."
  • "My dad is extremely overprotective. Enough said."
  • Gravity falls
    "Yeah that show is dumb. I hate Grunkle Stan, and the cops are SO gay. I'll just away from that sho..."
  • R.I.P Sherly Temple.
    "That is so so sad! I loved her! Adorable little girl, and she was beautiful as a teen. Amazing actress too. So sad. ..."
  • Finnick,Peeta or Gale?
    "Peeta, I hate Gale, and Finnick loves Annie. "
  • The Fault In Our Stars
    "My dad won't let me read it. I know a cancer kid, that's why I wanted to read the book in the first p..."
  • I hate Obamacare
    "Yeah, Obama Care sucks. I didn't vote for him. But whatever, it's done. 2 more yrs and then it's over so w..."
  • "Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for freaking Silver Linings Playbook!! I love her as much as the next person, but Johnny Depp is a way better..."
  • "I'm listing to Violet Hill, Coldplay. Anybody else like that? I like Taylor Swift and Adele too. I like a lot of random stuff...."

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