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  • Claws, Paws, and Flaws
    "I don’t breathe oxygen I breathe smoke >:D"
  • Claws, Paws, and Flaws
    "Hi Woofle :3"
  • Claws, Paws, and Flaws
    "Ooh I could be Snow Kitty Vex it’s not even spring yet"
  • Claws, Paws, and Flaws
    "Hi Winter Woofle Wonderland! :D"
  • "I kinda want to call you Winter Woofle Wonderland >:D"
  • Star Clan
    "What is your YouTube channel?"
  • "@Dark- I am how I always am, with a hint of boredom."
  • "Christmas has passed. Wooflemaker, which winter name do you approve of the most? -Winter Woofle Wonderland -Frosted Woofl"
  • "I also don't want your parents to catch you, though. Please be careful, Woofle."
  • Star Clan
    "No lunar eclipses will be appearing worldwide for a few months, nor blood moons."
  • "@Dark- makes since, I watch YT or play .io games a lot when forums are inactive, and just keep my personal thread and previously active thre..."
  • "You're still on, Woofle? Yay! I feel like you haven't been on that much But it could just be me not b"
  • "Hi Dark I figured you were still on Just not posting because no one else is"
  • "Actually, I'm betting there's like 6 people on right now who are just not posting. Can't blame them. I do it all t"
  • "No one is online. No one. But me. Why? It's been like this lately..."

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