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  • I feel friendly,
    "Geek, I have no idea what to say! I mean, you finally woke up on the right side of the bed! Bad for me though, I woke up on the left. DX"
  • Request: H bomb
    "H lol"
  • "Sorry, I've been caught up in school. If you don't remember me, Page 2 second to last post. I choose Changes color to mood. Again, sorry for..."
  • I'm new!
  • I'm new!
  • I'm new!
    "I'M A NOVICE!!! :D"
  • I'm new!
  • I'm new!
    "I fixed the quiz. Everyone said they were girl and that they were boyz, so I fixed it up! I sware, Jazzy0627 is NOT me! @Lovi"
  • I'm new!
    "Shut Up! You are not me!"
  • I'm new!
    "NO! She isn't me!"
  • Fantasy RP
    "(sry guys, I'm using my new character, let me switch back)"
  • "Percy Jackson Hunger Games The Ghost chills at Night"
  • "Name: Jezzica (Jessica with flair) Gender: Female Age: 18 Looks: Perfectly-Curly Brown Hair, Sh"
  • Fantasy RP
    "I turned around because the footsteps behind me got quieter. Rosa was petting the horse from earlier. The horse's stomach was moving though...."
  • hm...
    "take my quiz and then comment and I'll talk to ya! I didn't mean for that to sound mean. I'm really not like that! I just rea"

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