Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

In this trivia quiz I will be testing your brains on Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2. It doesn't matter wether you play on X Box or Ps4, this quiz is all console friendly, except for pc.

As I stated above, you will have to have a pretty advanced knowledge of Pvz Gw2. Some things you will be tested on are character abilities, secrets, gameplay, and more!

Created by: H4ppy-S4l-21
  1. What character do you play as when you first start the game?
  2. How crazy is Crazy Dave?
  3. What does the fish in the sewers do when you give him stars?
  4. What happens hen you press the top button in the right hand corner of the controller as corn?
  5. You can change up your character's appearance in the.
  6. The game mode in the multiplayer portal where the plants are on the attack.
  7. The seagull charges these many coins for a rainbow star.
  8. When you were a legendary hat and you get a vanquish they usually start to?
  9. When you annoy other players as a peashooter by jumping up and down?
  10. The final level of a character.
  11. These mysterious trials organized by the Ministry of Mystery.
  12. Legendaries are most likely to be unlocked in this pack.
  13. What color is the peashooter?

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