Plan a Christmas Eve day and see how festive u r

It's December 19th!! Time to et ready for Christmas!!!! You will probably love this quiz because it shows how Christmasy you are!!!!!!! Are you Festive or Grinch?

I hope you really like this quiz!!! I worked hard on it and I love Christmas. My friends named bob. bob dosen't like cows. so he works with them with tim.

Created by: Better
  1. What ya wearing?
  2. First activity:
  3. Second?:
  4. Third!!!
  5. LUNCH
  6. Fourth Activity!!!
  7. Fifth (and final) Activity
  8. Who's a house are you going to?
  9. When you get there what game are you playing?
  10. What you having for dinner?
  11. Dessert
  12. Time for bed!! Where ya sleepng?

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