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yeah sure lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of babydoll producers claim that the toys are real.let's get one fact straight: there not. right now you are in the H.B.D.S.A. and down below you will answer some few questions so you can get your baby doll spirit.

you see this tall skyscraper with H.B.D.S.A written on it.you go in just for a peek but inside you see something amazing. lots of tiny swirling colors zip zoom all around the room.a woman in a nurses hat says come here. she takes your hand and drags you down the hallway. you tried to explain that this is all just mistake but she ignored you. she sits you on this chair and she gives you a paper. she says you must fill in the answers below. there's no turning back now, so answer the questions below!!

Created by: funtime66

  1. The machine is ready, so get ready to answer some questions!
  2. First off, will your spirit be a boy or a girl?
  3. Do you want your spirit to be sweet caring, etc etc etc
  4. what do you want your baby doll spirit to praise
  5. your baby doll spirit is halfway done
  6. what do you want your baby doll spirit to be interested in
  7. what do you want your baby doll spirit body shape to be
  8. do you want your baby Doll Spirit to have hair
  9. are you certain about the answer that you picked
  10. your baby doll spirit is now on the way!!!!

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