Narnia for my special friends

This quiz is about the first 4 books in the Chronicles of Narnia. It is only about the books. Nothing else. Excellent for children to test comprehension.

Did you enjoy reading the Chronicles of Narnia? Do you remember the details of the stories? It is fun to test your knowledge! Come and have a try!

Created by: skhaastrup

  1. How many thrones are there at Cair Paravel?
  2. What creature drives the White Witch's sledge?
  3. How did the White Witch get Aslan to be her prisoner?
  4. Where did the 4 children land when they were called from the train station in Prince Caspian?
  5. What sort of trees grew up in the ruins of Cair Paravel?
  6. What did the Bulgy Bears do?
  7. How many lost lords were there?
  8. Why did Reepicheep challenge Eustace to a fight?
  9. Why was Jill Pole crying?
  10. Why did Eustace fall off the cliff?

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