My made up warrior names!! Who are you???

This is my first quiz ever so I hope you enjoy it. These are my made up OC characters because I like making stories. Most of these will not be in my stories.

You all are welcome to use the names I gave them and you can do what ever you want with it. You can make a drawing or write a book. If you do this please link this quiz or say they do not belong to you or even both.

Created by: Quiz Creator Cat

  1. Are you a She -cat or a Tom
  2. A fox got in the nursery and a kit got left behind. What do you do??
  3. You love a cat from another clan. What do you do??
  4. What color fur do you want
  5. What color eyes do you want
  6. What do you want??
  7. You can highly be described as.....
  8. You see you leader and your mate both pinned on the floor in a battle. You only have time to save on because the other would be dead by then. Who do you save???
  9. You want to go hunting but your mentor says no and glares at you in a warning way. You....
  10. Your friend wants to hunt with you but your leader assigned you to lead a hunting patrol. What do you do???

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Quiz topic: My made up warrior names!! Who am I???