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So the cat for the quiz picture is you, and you live in SkyClan. I know this has an odd name, but I wanted it to stand out, instead of something like Your Warrior Cat Love Story! ya know?

So now that you have clicked on this, you have an interesting but short quiz ahead of you! Also, what are you doing just reading this paragraph? GO DO THE QUIZ!

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  1. Okay, first things first. Descriptions. You are StreamKit, then StreamPaw, then StreamLeap. You should remember this so the thing makes more sense. Also, you have blueish gray fur and gray eyes. I don't want to have to do another description, so FluffKit (Then FluffPaw then FluffScar) has long white fur and olive eyes. SandKit (Then SandPaw then SandBounce) has sand colored fur and amber eyes. IceKit (IcePaw then IceSight) has light grey fur and orange eyes. I am going to say, one of them is going to become leader, but I will not reveal who in the names because I don't want that to affect your answers. So do you understand?
  2. I hope I didn't lose you in the first question lol anyways, lets begin the quiz finally!You have opened your eyes for the first time, suddenly the scents make more sense. Color surrounds you, and you see your mother for the first time. She has blueish gray fur just like you, but she has a golden tail tip and green eyes. Your sister sits besides you, her large green eyes opened wide, and her white pelt with golden stripes glistening in the sunshine. She was older than you, and from what you have been hearing, it was soon her apprentice ceremony. Well soon as in a few hours. A kit you don't recognize sits besides your sister, whose name is CloudKit, named after her fluffy fur. The kit who sits besides her has sand colored fur, and amber eyes. He walks over to you and boldly introduces himself, and as he speaks, you notice his two brothers, "Hi, I'm SandKit, and these are my two brothers FluffKit, and IceKit." IceKit backs up, while FluffKit growls at you as you let out a slight giggle at his name. "Do you want to play cat and mouse with me? It's a two player game so only one of us can play with you." What do you say:
  3. You play for a few hours, and soon the leader of SkyClan (your clan) calls a clan meeting. You know what it is for, or so you think. "We were going to appoint an apprentice today. But because of recent events we cannot. This apprentices father, our deputy, also known as FoxFur died today. He died at the hands of the WindClan deputy, BreezeShade. WindClan has declared war with us, so we will raid their herb store." VioletStar, your leader announces. You spot your mother sobbing uncontrollably, and your sister's immaculately groomed pelt is now in knots. You begin to sob with your mother, your cry ringing out across the camp, and FluffKit, SandKit, and IceKit come up to comfort you. You are only consoled by:
  4. When the warriors leave for the raid, you notice that your sister has followed them, but you think nothing of it, perhaps they had allowed her to come because she was practically an apprentice. A few hours later, you see that the warriors have come back, and along with it, a horrible scene. Your mother is carrying your sister's limp body as if it was a mouse. You collapse to the ground in destress, and follow them to the med den. You wait there for several hours, and stay up all night watching the medicine cat try to revive your sister, but around moon high, the medicine cat (BerryPool) looks up in defeat, and states "StarClan has chosen for her to join their ranks." You don't quite understand the saying, but you know it basically means the cat is dead. You start going into a rage, the medicine cat could've saved her. You leap at BerryPool when FluffKit, SandKit, and IceKit come in and try to stop you, who do you allow to drag you away?
  5. You still hold a grudge against the medicine cat by the time you reach the age of six moons and become an apprentice. FluffKit, SandKit, and IceKit were only a week older than you, so you had your apprentice ceremony on the same day. Instead of rejoicing at the ceremony, it reminded you of your dead sister and your hate for BerryPool, so when FluffKit, SandKit, and IceKit's littermate BarkKit wants to become a medicine cat apprentice, you're disgusted. Now you are all apprentices. Your names are now FluffPaw, SandPaw, IcePaw, BarkPaw, and you are now StreamPaw. The trio (SandPaw, IcePaw, and FluffPaw) approach you, and SandPaw says "I am sorry, I know that you hold a grudge against the medicine cat." "Yeah, I want you to be happy, not be sad because of your grudge." FluffPaw adds, in a rare moment of kindness. "We understand, we really hope you have fun this apprenticeship." IcePaw finishes. You:
  6. (Time skip) It is now your warrior ceremony, along with FluffPaw's, SandPaw's, IcePaw's, and to your dismay, BarkPaw's. The clan had just ended a large war, and after you had finished your mother had become an elder. The war was quite bloody and you had lost many warriors. So now, you sit next to SandPaw as IcePaw is being named. "IcePaw, from now on, your name will be IceSight, for your intelligence and loyalty." IcePaw, now IceSight, bows, understanding the great responsibility that comes with being a warrior. "Will you defend the clan with your life?" The leader adds. "Yes." IceSight says, with more resolve in his voice that there ever has been. Then your two other friends become apprentices. FluffPaw becomes FluffScar for his aggressiveness and many scars. SandBounce for his fun personality and agility, BarkPaw is named BarkPool for her calmness, and understanding, but you just want to scratch her face off. And you, you are named StreamLeap for you agility and cleverness, you literally won the war for your clan with SandBounce with your agility. You:
  7. (Time skip) It is SeaKit's apprentice ceremony, she is now SeaPaw, and her mentor is IceSight, because he is the most responsible and mature of the youngest warriors, and the leader wanted the younger warriors to have a try at responsibility, you:
  8. (Time skip) VioletStar has lost their final life to GreenCough, and the current deputy (PineShine) becomes leader. PineShine is now PineStar, but she was already quite old. So she wanted to choose one of the youngest warriors to become a deputy. But, they must be responsible and understanding. Almost as if they were old and wise. A young warrior instantly shot to her mind, IceSight. So now IceSight is the deputy. You:
  9. (Time Skip) You are out hunting, and suddenly the trio approach you (IceSight, FluffScar, and SandBounce) "We are going to be straight forward with you StreamLeap, we all like you." SandBounce announces. "So who do you like?" FluffScar adds. "We will state our personalities and you will choose." IceSight says quietly. "I am very funny, and I love to prank, I'd also say I'm the hottest of my littermates." "Are not!" IceSight says before he adds, "I am shy, and intelligent." He didn't have to add intelligent, because he was known as one of the smartest cats in the clan. "I am aggressive, but I can be quite kind, I'm also a good fighter." Same with FluffScar, he was also known to be one of the best fighters in all the clans. What do you say?
  10. (Time Skip) PineStar has been selflessly throwing away her lives to save the cats of her clan, but it is still a surprise when she looses her final life protecting SandBounce from dying when a trunk was falling to the ground. IceSight is now IceStar. You think:
  11. So, we are done with this quiz! I know it was not the best, I'm feeling sorta lazy, I'm sorry, but was it at least ok?

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