Love confesstion MHA your crush [RP Quiz]

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At the begining you will be RPlaying then answering questions I hope you like RPlaying because thats how its gonna go but this is how you'll know its Rp because in the cornner they'll be *RP: ***

At the End you"ll be answreing questions like how was i or your favorite combo color this is how you'll know its a question cuz in the cornner it says *Questions:*

Created by: chauntell

  1. RP: Urararka invited you and Denki to a Class A hangout seshon where you play T or D and eat snacks. Jiro asks You Truth or Dare you pick Truth she says "Do you sneak out at night" you reply with..
  2. RP: It is now your turn you ask Your Crush Truth or Dare he picks truth so you ask him, "Do you have a crush" and he replys with "yes" You want to ask him who but you can only ask him one thing at a time your reaction is..
  3. RP: It has been two hours and its now 1:00 am you say its time for you to go but Denki says "I want to stay" so you just leave but your Crush follows you what do you do?
  4. RP: He says your name so you turn around to see what he wants you ask him what he wants he says "When you asked me who i liked i could tell you wanted to ask who" you stare at him with a blank face but on the inside you are..
  5. RP: He starts to confess but he trips and looks at you he takes a step torwads you you start to breath and yell "WAIT" he wonders why you look at him feeling bad about it because now he might think that you don't like him..
  6. RP: He interupts you and looks down at the floor and says.. "The was supose to be a confestion!" he yells but his face is all red "I thought you would like me to" He squezes his hands you look at him and walk torwads him and say..
  7. Questions: Who do you hope to get?
  8. Questions: What word best discribes you?
  9. Questions: what's your favorite color combinations
  10. Questions: How did i do for my first Quiz and yes they'll be a part 2 of it I'm just to lazy to make more of it :)

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Quiz topic: Love confesstion MHA my crush [RP Quiz]