Love at Ms peregrine's home for peculiar children Pt2

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Love. You have now went to the first loop..... But what meets you there? Are you getting closer to your family or are you further than what you think? find out!

Hey guy! Pt2. I'm going to annoy you with this. Enjoy it please. I am also thinking of doing a Harry Potter series inspired by fred4ever and natuhleegayle hope you enjoy both

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. Hey guys! In the last quiz at the end of the second last question was cut out so I am repeating it for you lovelies! Enjoy
  4. Jacob commanded. "Ok, one question: Do any of you have more qppropriate wear?"Jacob and Enoch chuckeled. Millard led you upstairs ad gave you shorts and a white t-shirt. "Thanks,"
  5. "Don't mention"he replied. Before he left you gave him a kiss on the cheek then closed the door to get changed. Afterwards you went downstairs and the boys stoped and stared. "Wow... You look gorgeous!"They all exclaimed then faced eachother and death stared them.
  6. Thanks to Abe's map of loops that he gave Jacob you all thought the journey was going to be efficent..... But were you wrong
  7. As soon asyou all made it to the first loop to scotland 1983 you were greeted by hollogasts and wights. you tried to move from the wights gave but he grabbed you by the hand. You winced as he dug his nails into his arms. You screamed. Everyone turned
  8. "Don't worry its my daughter. Maria you need to stop dressing like an angel!"You started to sing and they all obeyed to stay still and not move till it was 2am. Unlucky for them the loop apparently restarts ant 1am.
  9. You all ran and didn't dare look back. You came to a stop. "Where's the next loop Jacob?" "Not for another mile""great, just great" "Let's split up! we need to get necessities that we left at Miss P's!"exclaimed Millard
  10. Enoch went with Millard and you went with Jacob. "I need to tell you something,""What?""This..."
  11. Don't worry I'll continue real soon

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