Let the Sorting Hat sort you now!

Welcome to my quiz! You will finally be sorted into your rightful Hogwarts house here! Have you been waiting forever? Well here we are, and you are about to get sorted

Enjoy my quiz! I hope you fin d your true house here, which I am sure you will! Remember, the sorting hat knows best! (I should know, I am a Harry Potter fan) Enjoy!!

Created by: Suzie

  1. You are in your backyard when you hear something in the bushes. It is in the evening and is getting dark. Do you..
  2. At Hogwarts, someone is bulling someone. What would you do?
  3. Someone is cheating on a test, what would you do?
  4. You have nothing to do on a weekend. Do you..
  5. You have a bad dream, what is it about?
  6. Heart, spirit, mind?
  7. You are lost when you come upon a four way intersection. There our four paths. You choose...
  8. Would you describe yourself as..
  9. You are lost in the middle of Diagon Ally. You decide to go into..
  10. And lastly, have you been sorted into a house? If so, which one?

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