Lego NinjaGo: How well do you know Nya?

Hello, Lego Ninjago fans. I'm NinjagoKai. I'm here to give you a quiz about Kai's little sister, Nya. So please read the things below, and then try the quiz! Good luck.

Nya is a strong young women. She is the elemental master of water and Kai's younger sister. She is the last ninja, and once was the Semeri X. So please take the quiz, and enjoy.

Created by: Ninjago Kai

  1. Who is Nya's brother?
  2. Who is she dating?
  3. What is her element?
  4. What color does she wear? (Season 9-11)
  5. What is Nya?
  6. What season did she become a Ninja?
  7. What was Nya before she was a Ninja?
  8. Is Nya younger or older than Kai?
  9. What weapon does Nya use?
  10. Was 1st or 6th ninja? (Kai is the 4th ninja, Lloyd is the 5th ninja, see were i'm going with this)
  11. What was her worst fear?

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Quiz topic: Lego NinjaGo: How well do I know Nya?