keeper of the lost cities which character are you?

hello fellow keeper fans! i hope you like this quiz. it will determine which keeper of the lost cities character you are! are you Sophie Fitz Dex Keefe Biana Tam Linh or Wylie?

all you have to do is click on the answers you wish to select. then when you are done hit submit answers and we will see who you are. have fun and find your keeper of the lost cities character!

Created by: Linh Song
  1. what color are your eyes?
  2. what would you spend the day doing?
  3. what is your favorite color?
  4. what is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  5. what is your favorite element?
  6. do you have siblings?
  7. are you a girl or boy?
  8. what is your favorite book series?
  9. what is your favorite school subject?
  10. do you go to school or are you homeschooled?

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Quiz topic: Keeper of the lost cities which character am I?