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hello fellow keeper fans or just other people who stumbled upon this i hope you like this quiz. i am kinda obsessed with keeper of the lost cities books!

all you have to do is click on the check boxes for the answer you wish to select. i hope you enjoy this and go have fun and knock yourself out! lets see if you can get all 21 questions right!!!!!!! go luck you might need it!

Created by: Anna Simmons
  1. what weapon is sophie trained to use?
  2. which councillor died in a fire?
  3. does marella ever manifest?
  4. what are the baby alicorns names?
  5. what are the names of sophie's bodyguards?
  6. what are sophies results after going to the match?
  7. who was killed by Gethan with a sword he pulled out of a stone in Lumenaria?
  8. what was the name of the annoying love poem that keefe was writing to torture Ro?
  9. were where the three spots that sophie and fitz had echoes after the attack with umber?
  10. how did cryrah endal die?
  11. who erased alvar's mind?
  12. what is sophies favorite color?
  13. what was the gift sophie received from fitz when she was completing level three midterms?
  14. what was the purpose of the crush cuffs dex gave sophie?
  15. who was sophies first kiss?
  16. what color are sophies eyes?
  17. who was kidnapped in the first book?
  18. who is the identity of physic?
  19. were does sophie live?
  20. which dwarf gave her life for her species to not go extinct?
  21. do fitz and sophie ever kiss?

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