Jade Winglet Adventure

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Hi, there! I'm Nightseizer the NightWing, and I'm taking you to the Jade Winglet! There you'll experience a hilarious adventure and in the end you'll find out which dragonet you're like. Be sure to read Wings of Fire! (WARNING) Includes spoilers.

I saved every letter you wrote meFrom the moment I read themI knew you were mine, you said you were mindI thought you were mineDo you know what Angelica saidWhen we saw your first letter arrive?

Created by: Nightseizer
  1. Me- Hello! My name's Nightseizer, and I'm your tourist! here we have Moonwatcher of the NightWings! Moon- Call me Moon please! Hmm. Interesting. Oops! Forgot! No mind reading. Here's some sky fire. It can protect you from my mind reading powers!
  2. Qibli- Do you see how pretty Moon is? I look like I was smeared with camel poop next to her! She's amazing, smart, and beautiful. By the looks of you, you must be amazing, smart, and pretty too!
  3. Qibli- Here's Winter. (Sarcastically) You'll LOVE HIM!Winter- (Glares at Qibli) I'm SO SORRY about him. He must be talking and talking and talking YOUR EARS OFF. Qibli- (Grins) That's me, alright!
  4. Winter- I suppose I'll tell bring Peril to you. (Flies away and comes back with Peril)Peril- Umm. Hi.Winter- Don't go near her. She's viscous murderer who WILL NOT hesitate to melt your face off.Moon- She's not a murderer, Winter.Winter- (Glares at Peril) If you say so.Qibli- Just don't touch her. She won't melt your face off, but her scales will!Peril- AKA, I have fire scales.
  5. Peril- Oh! Turtle has arrived.Turtle- Hey gang! (Looks at you) Oh. Um. Hi? Who is this?Winter- Remember, Fuzz-brain? This is the tourist and her guest.Turtle- Oh! Right! Kinkajou told me. She seemed excited when she told me.Winter- (Rolls eyes) Kinkajou's excited about everything.Turtle- Oh! I should take her over here. Okay bye! (Turtle flies off, leaving you and the others alone together.
  6. Turtle- I'm back! Everyone, meet Kinkajou!Kinkajou- EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I'm SO happy TO BE HERE!!! Hi, Nightseizer! Who's this with you?
  7. Me- That's all! Now, excuse me, but I'll need to talk to the jade winglet privately.
  8. Me- Okay! You can come back now!(You slowly walk towards the Jade Winglet and to your surprise they're all smiling at you, including Winter!)Moon- You have kind thoughts.Winter- You'd make a good IceWing!Qibli- You're extremely clever!Turtle- You're talented too!Peril- And a strong fighter.Kinkajou- YAY!!! BEST FRIEND EVER!!!
  9. Me- OOH! Who's the best queen, in your opinion?
  10. Me- Okay, last question: Do you recommend this tour I just gave you? If so, then please put a smiley face!

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