Is your friend really your friend?

In this quiz, you will see how well your friend really knows you! These questions will help you realize if someone really is your bestie, or if you don't know them at all!

This quiz and these questions will help you realize if your friend really is your friend, or if they are using you and are really your enemy!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Eureka
  1. How well do you and your friend get along?
  2. What would you risk for this person?
  3. If your friend asked you to let them copy your answers, would you?
  4. Does your friend like you best?
  5. How much is your friend willing to do for you?
  6. Would you invite this person to your bday party?
  7. Do you enjoy this persons company
  8. Do you think they like being around you?
  9. On a scale of 1-5, (1 being MEAN and 5 being KIND) how nice to you are they?
  10. Do they let you talk to them about your problems, and do they listen?

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Quiz topic: Is my friend really my friend?