is your boyfriend/girlfriend a wizard?

wizards. are they real or not??? people think yes, some think no. we all think differently, and that's okay. the thing is, if wizards ARE real, you can't tell.

OMG! what if your boyfriend or girlfriend is a wizard??? take this quiz and you'll find out! this quiz can be a life changer! please please PLEASE take this quiz.

Created by: Kay

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  1. does your boyfriend/girlfriend believe in wizards?
  2. whats your boyfriends/girlfriends favorite color?
  3. does your boyfriend/girlfriend seem, well, weird? mysterious?
  4. what does your boyfriend/girlfriend wear to school?
  5. if someone says "wizard", your boyfriend/girlfriend. . .
  6. do you like this quiz? (doesn't count)
  7. you text your boyfriend/girlfriend late at night. you text "what r u doin?" and she/he texts you . . .
  8. does your boyfriend/grilfriend watch harry potter or lord of the rings?
  9. does you're boyfriend/girlfriend know your taking this quiz?
  10. last question: do you think your boyfriend/girlfriend is a wizard?

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Quiz topic: Is my boyfriend/girlfriend a wizard?