Irish Politics Quiz

This quiz is to determine where you fall in Irish politics. It is a multiple-choice tailored specifically to Irish situation. The questions have been selected to give a broad range of opinion.

When selecting the answers, please pick the one that is most applicable in scenarios where multiple answers may be valid. There are 23 questions in total to be answered.

Created by: Jerry
  1. United Ireland
  2. Irish language
  3. If it is was a straight choice, would you rather see Ireland rejoin the UK or Ireland become part of a fully-integrated "United States of Europe".
  4. The Catholic Church
  5. Morality
  6. If it was a straight choice, would you rather see corporations pay more tax in Ireland or more gender, ethnic and LGBT diversity on their boards?
  7. State-backed childcare
  8. Small and medium sized Irish enterprise (SME)
  9. Irish society in the 20th century
  10. Economic protectionism at state level
  11. Drink driving limits should be higher in rural areas
  12. Water charges
  13. Housing and public land
  14. Trade unions
  15. Environmental conservation
  16. Co-living accommodation
  17. Residential property tax
  18. Voting in national elections based on local issues
  19. Private healthcare
  20. Fascism or global corporate power - what is worse?
  21. Immigration
  22. Mainstream media (newspapers and established news providers)
  23. Military neutrality

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