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Hey I’m Jaden I’m 16 going to get my drivers license next month but anyways if you’re like me you watch lots of YouTube/tiktok But there’s always that one YouTuber that sticks with you forever

That YouTuber is InquisitorMaster I’ve been watching her since I was 14 And she’s always stuck with me through the past two years So I just want to thank her and the squad but anyways enough about me this is about Alex and the squad some questions you guys might not know but that’s like your problem Well Have fun

Created by: Jadenblade69

  1. Does InquisitorMaster have a boyfriend
  2. If so what is his name
  3. Who is in blond squad
  4. Who is in the original squad
  5. Who are the new members of the squad
  6. What is InquisitorMaster’s real name
  7. What is InquisitorMaster’s signature color
  8. Who just joined the squad a few weeks ago
  9. (Just for fun) Which squad member would you be
  10. Last Question how was the quiz

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