If you were a super hero which one would you be ?

SO MANY SUPER HEROS IN THE WORLD WITH AN ENDLESS LIST OF POWERS . what power would you have if you suddenly became a SUPEREHERO.FInd out now by doing this quiz.

What sort of superhero would you make . lazer vison, or would you fly. WANT TO FIND OUT ,take this quiz NOW! You may never know , this is possibly your ownly chance!

Created by: Verity Andrews
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  1. pick a number
  2. pick a colour
  3. two of your best friends have a massive fight before things get bad you.
  4. your friend starts dateing you crush that you have loved forever you do...
  5. When you think people talk behind your back you...
  6. you eating out tonight at the local italian , yoy spill red wine all over you new 100$ shirt. you say ...
  7. you get a new lap top for christmas , the firstthing you do is ...
  8. did you like this quiz
  10. LAST QUESTION !!!!!!!!!!!!! woulod you rather have

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