I wonder if you are creative...

Ever wondered if youre creative? Keep asking people but never get their honest opinion out? This is your quiz! Why do you have to have 150 characters?

Using a few simple yet fun questions, I shall determine how creative and original your ideas are. Omg goto quiz is torturing me!!!!!!!! No one reads this anyway!!!

Created by: Rainbow Dash

  1. First off, how creative do you *think* you are?
  2. Do you think there should be a Starlight Express 2? (If you havent seen that play you can skip)
  3. Think of a girl oc for me. Whats her name?
  4. Whats your dream job out of these 6?
  5. Ah, Im bored now. You can skip the rest of the quiz if you want and just go to the results. (No effect)
  6. Lets play a game. Heres how to: so I say a word and you have to pick an answer to link with it.
  7. Coffee!
  8. Birthday!
  9. Faster!!!
  10. Puppy!
  11. School!
  12. 1+ bonus point for not skipping!

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