I was bored enough to make this

645. a troop. a world. a legend. actually, it's our amazing GS troop. we have had some amazing experiences together. but are you truly one of us? so i need totype more. so how is everyone? enjoying this quiz? oh wait--you didn't take it yet.

do you deserve to call yourself a 645er? find out! we are wild, witty, whimsical, and many other things that start with W. you can actually ignore this bit, since i'm ignored mostly anyway. go on ahead without me! take that quiz!

Created by: whoopi42

  1. Who was involved in "The Champagne Incident"?
  2. Why do we like soccer players?
  3. Why do we like boy scouts?
  4. why do we like cops?
  5. who is our hottest cop ever?
  6. what initials do we NOT mention around joe?
  7. who came up with the troop song that begins..."what if pigs could fly..."
  8. how old is our fearless leader
  9. I love being a girl scout is sung by:
  10. what was the amazing phrase from the breast cancer meeting?
  11. who dressed up as oompa loompas?
  12. who is 'the moose'?
  13. what was NOT a notable feature of camping at katie's 2006?
  14. what is our logo/crest?
  15. who is whistle-crazy?
  16. what used to be a permanent feature of our meetings?
  17. what would alyssa get in trouble for every meeting?
  18. who recently rejoined the troop?
  19. who is Mrs. Baron?
  20. what is the troop #?

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