I bet i can guess your age! :3

Hello! Welcome to this age quiz. I bet i can guess your age :3 If i guess your age, then do a Meh, Good, or awesome face thats my bet. please sit-down and relax

Don't you hate it when you don't know what you age is and guess it like yesterday? yeah, hard times... But take this quiz to find your age again! Now start!

Created by: AnGelA

  1. What do you do at home?
  2. What do you call your Parents?
  3. What gender are you? (it does not effect your score)
  4. Do you go to school?
  5. Do you got to Elemantary school? Middle school? or high school?
  6. Do you have a job?
  7. Are you married?
  8. Are you a kid? a Teen? Or a Grown up?
  9. (Only for Elementary kids) are you in down grade (2nd grade or younger) or high grade? (3rd and older)
  10. (Only for middle school kids) are you in grade 6, 7, or 8?
  11. (Only for high school kids) are you in grade 9, 10 or 11?
  12. Now are you ready to see your age?
  13. One more question
  14. Do you like this quiz?
  15. Ready to see your results?
  16. Just Kid
  17. Have you experimented how hard being an adult is?
  18. What is your job?
  19. Do you have kids?
  20. Now are you ready for your results?

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Quiz topic: I bet i can guess my age! :3