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Hey guys welcome to the owl house complete the quote quiz I hope you like this I swear like percent of the people love huntlow and 50 percent hate it. check out my other quizzes too!

enjoy the quiz and if you liked this check out my owl house would you rather and my owl house fanfics part 1-4 I hope you have a nice day, remember, I'm only human!

Created by: Im only human
  1. willow: ¨hey you! wanna join my flyer derby team? this is gus porter, and im
  2. hunter ¨nice to- uh meet you!¨ willow ¨your flying was amazing!-
  3. Gus ¨ yeah...weird we haven't seen you around. What's your name?¨ hunter- ¨caleb-
  4. hunter ¨ but I'm not here to play-
  5. hunter ¨wait! do you really think your club will attract-
  6. willow ¨absolutely! flyer Derbys not for the
  7. hunter ¨ok, but how do we evaluate others? a witches dual? a maze full of traps? oh! how about-
  8. willow ¨uh, we might not have time for all of that, but you can help by attracting people with your sick sky skills!¨ hunter ¨hmm-
  9. ok, just a cute quote real quick willow: ¨man this Caleb guy is great! with him, I think we can really get our flyer derby team approved!¨ hunter ¨this girl will be a perfect candidate for the emperor's coven! with more witches like her, were set!
  10. hunter ¨where I come from, even chances have to be earned. especially if your considered-
  11. hunter ¨ I can't believe I almost bailed on you guys! today was amazing! thanks for giving me-
  12. willow ¨yeah we couldn't have done it-
  13. hunter¨captain, your on
  14. hunter¨go. please captain¨ willow ¨ let's move team. we need to find a replacement-
  15. did you like this?

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